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Choosing a forex broker is one of the most vital decisions that you will ever make. What Stanley did not know was when the currency would get devalued; with Georges approval they leveraged investors money to gamble against the cable; on September 16, 1992 George’s Quantum fund was accredited with earning one billion dollars on the trade.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Getting Started in Forex Trading Strategies is a highly visual guide to foreign exchange trading that introduces you to the Codex Method-a proven process that allows you to tailor a trading strategy to your own personal preferences.

Currency Futures traded on NSE-CDX – are standard contracts of a specified quantity – to exchange one currency for another – at a specified date in the future called settlement date – at a price that is fixed on the purchase date called futures price.

Why would Forex traders trade via Portfolio ManagerThey may not have the time or the experience to trade in the currency markets themselvesThey prefer not to undertake following market movements 24 hours a dayThey want to have the ability to obtain and respond instantaneously to new information that is beyond the capacity of most busy investorsThey want to experience the profit potential of Forex trading, without having to do the work themselves They want to utilize the experience, knowledge and discipline of professional money managers Forex Portfolio Manager: a promising business ventureThe Portfolio Manager section, onboard Easy-Forex Trading Platform, is a perfect sub-platform for individuals who wish to enhance their Forex business activity, while operating onboard a world leading platformThe Portfolio Manager section allows individuals, who wish to trade on behalf of several traders, as well as for themselves, to run a comprehensive Forex trading suitable for a group of traders.

Even within the constraints imposed by a gradualist approach, Reserve Bank and the Government of India have taken several steps that include progressive liberalization of capital flows, calibrated increase in investment limits for Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) in government and corporate debt, introduction of Qualified Foreign Investor (QFIs) as a separate investor class, expansion of the menu of risk management instruments, etc.

The Sterling slid 2.1% versus the Dollar last week following very dovish announcements by BOE Governor Mervyn King, calling the Pound’s recent drop very helpful.” The Pound fell Friday to $1.5918, the lowest level since June 8, and depreciated to 91.19 per ERU, the weakest level since April 1.

After amove down in yesterday’s early trading hours the pair has started to move up in the second part of the day and has continued to do so today, it moved above the 2.0200 level and we just have to see if it has enough strength to stay above that or perhaps move even further north.

Delivered in a user interface designed to work the way you do, and with specialist data and analytics that you won’t find anywhere else, Thomson Reuters Eikon provides you with the tools to manage FX risk and operations, identify new opportunities, and differentiate your forex trading strategies.

Commodity markets also did not miss to catch some positive, prices for oil went slightly up and this morning Brent is adding 0,07%% traded on a level of 108,36$ per barrel, Light is up for 0,28%% and bargaining next to the level of 94,67$ per barrel.