​ What Is Forex Trading?

What Is Forex Trading? Find Out Here!

Forex trades are facilitated by brokers, and as you begin your day trading career, it’s important that you fully understand the different types. FX Alerts do not purport to contain all of the information that might reasonably be considered in making any investment decision, and recipients of FX Alerts should make an independent assessment of the merits of pursuing any foreign exchange transaction(s) and should, where relevant, consult their own professional advisors.

It is important to note that currency risk in a carry trade is seldom, if ever, hedged This meant that the carry trade worked like a charm as long as the yen was depreciating, and mortgage and commodity portfolios were providing double-digit returns.

When you are demo trading, you should learn how to: 1) place market orders to enter a trade, 2) place stop-loss orders to protect your positions, and limit orders to take profits, 3) place OCO orders and If Done Orders to execute more advanced strategies.

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After the opening of the trading session in the U.S, the London stock exchange index, the FTSE 100, grew by 0,34% and was closed at the level of 6583,76 points, the index of the Parisian stock exchange, CAC 40, rose by 0,43% and was closed at the level of 4384,56 points, and the index of the Frankfurt stock exchange, DAX, added 0,26% and reached the level of 9339,17 points.

All of this comes to us during a time when there’s rising volatility in currency markets which are caused by increased debt issues in the Europe and the US and significant signs of extremely slow US economic growth In recent months, the dollar fell down to a record low level against the Yen of Japan, dropping down by more than 4% on the day it plummeted to its record low level.

Luckily, the next day’s candle seems to have just hit the 50% retracement mark before dropping in price (and if it didn’t, the third day after the rejection candle definitely did – however, at this point the market is moving sideways and the trader may have decided not to open the trade).

Although we do provide our own updates on open signals based on our understanding of the market, as the trading strategy is presented for every signal the trader has the freedom to exit the position at any price level he or she believes it based on his or her trading experience in the Forex market.

Despite significant improvements in macro-economic fundamentals and the overall prospects of the Indian economy, as outlined above, the spillover impact from global financial market volatility to India could be disruptive, especially once normalisation of the US monetary policy stance begins with the commencement of tightening of interest rate cycle in the US in 2015 and beyond.

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