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Get More Clients With Smarter Email Marketing

Get More Clients with Smarter Email Marketing

Are you a freelancer, consultant, or other provider of professional services to clients?

If so, smarter email marketing strategies will get you more clients, and more importantly, better clients.

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You know, the ones who value your expertise and effort and happily pay your fees.

Before I began Copyblogger in 2006, I started and ran three successful service businesses. And I used online marketing exclusively to attract clients, with email at the center of my strategy.

Things have certainly changed since those days. The fundamentals remain the same — but the sophistication and ease-of-use of the current technology allows you to do so much more.

That’s the focus of the free course I’m teaching. What may surprise you is that I won’t ask you for an email address to get the lessons.

More on that in a second. First, let’s look at what we’ll be covering.

Email Marketing: Advanced is the New Normal

Now that we do have powerful marketing automation and segmentation tools, your prospects expect a more personally-tailored experience based on their interests and actions. Advanced email marketing is now the new normal.

That’s okay. Much of the content approach I took as far back as 2001 (without the cool tech) is still sound.

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And no, you don’t have to generate massive amounts of content for this to work. In fact, less is more as long as less is better.

I’ll explain how to execute on that concept in great detail. Here’s what else will be covered:

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  • Why email is still the key to conversion from prospect to client
  • Creating trusted content at the top of the funnel
  • How to develop persuasive email sequences
  • The opt-in approach that accelerates your list building
  • The free content that’s perceived as worth paying for
  • How to smartly tag and segment prospects
  • Triggering a personalized experience that isn’t creepy
  • The “6A Strategy” that unites email, automation, and content

Get Started Now (No Email Address Required)


It may seem strange to offer a free course on email marketing without requiring an email address. In reality, though, this is a modified version of a strategy I’ve used successfully since 2006.

And yes, this is part of what I’ll teach you in the course.

So, I’m doing this as an audio course exclusively available through iTunes, Google Play, and Rainmaker.FM. The first five lessons are available instantly:


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